I’m in love with this gif. Everything about it. The rain drizzling. The candle flickering. The colors. I love it.




The Monet Room

when i was there i was gob-smacked; the monet room is made up of multiple “sub-rooms” with different paintings that make up one specific sighting - it has a very serene atmosphere and the paintings are gigantic! 

when I was there I got kicked out for taking photos

i nearly got kicked out as well and i was like ”no m’am just checking my phone hahaha friends hahaha texting hahahahha social life while contemplating monet”


What I hate most about year 12 is the way its just consumed every thought I fucking have, and how I can’t even enjoy my free time anymore because all I can think about is homework and how I should be studying. Its even annoying me how much I whine about it to my friends and I know they’re getting sick of it. Fuck I just hate the way its become almost a part of my personality this year I just hate it

The methods sac was traumatising.

A blog of vintage, lace, elegance.
A blog of vintage, lace, elegance.

London, April 2013

A blog of vintage, lace, elegance.


loves an unproductive weekend


From The Temptress (1926).

A blog of vintage, lace, elegance.